Welcome to Ideal Institute of Technology. It is with great pride that I welcome you to our institution! It is also my pleasure to present the technical and vocational courses that we offer. We hope to become the premiere provider of top and the most popular technical learning courses in Atlantic County and beyond.

I was one of the many casino employees that found themselves unemployed and without financial security after the casinos that they worked for so many years closed down. I only had skills and knowledge that were useful in my previous work and this made it very difficult for me to look for a new job.

At the moment, around 12,000 people are also facing the same problem with more and more casinos in Atlantic County closing down. All these people have nowhere else to turn to for work, unless they gain valuable knowledge and skills in the technical industry, which is currently one of the fastest growing with a huge job market locally and even internationally.

Through the help of Mr. Dhiren Parikh, I started Ideal Institute of Technology to prepare skilled workforce for the technical job market. We believe that through providing the most updated and efficient learning, an individual will be able to find career success and eventually financial success in the near future.”

Ms. Mital Parikh
Board of Director Chairman