Are You A Business Owner? Get Recognized !

Your business or enterprise can become IBA affiliates.

Ideal Business Associate Program is for business owners that are industry leaders and strive to do innovative things for their clients. Ideal Private Career School is a non-profit career college in Atlantic County that offers excellent and updated career training. Ideal provides new career paths in the Information Technology industry so that students can take charge of their life with a career in the IT field. We hope to become the premier provider of the most popular technical learning courses in Atlantic County and beyond.

At Ideal we strive to do innovative things for our students and clients. Never before has a Career School offered such an opportunity to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs here and around the world.

Who can benefit from such a program?
You the Business Owner.
How does this program work?
This is a free program for Business Owners.

Simple fill out an application form to become an Ideal Business Associate (IBA). All Business Associate locations become an Information and Registration Center for Ideal. Ideal will provide promotional materials with the Business Associate’s company name and logo. IBA will give a special scholarship to all students referred by Business Associates. Business Associates can also host various workshops sponsored by Ideal. All of our associates will receive promotional stationary and staff training by IBA.

Benefits to the Business Associate:

  • Special discount to all Business Associate employees for all programs and workshops.
  • Your clients will get a 10% scholarship in all of our programs.
  • Business Associates who refer IBA programs to their clients can receive a 10% to 20% commission.
  • Business Associates can host IBA workshops and generate even more revenue.
  • IBA will promote all the Business Associate’s information and special promotions on our website.
  • Business Associates will be able to attract more clients by offering advanced services.
  • Business Associates will get special invitations to all IBA events such as workshops and demos?
  • Business Associates will have first choice in hiring well trained graduates.
  • Get recognition and promotion in all IBA events.