High School Equivalency Assessment Preparation (HSEAP/GED) with CompTIA A+ Certification


The goal of the HSEAP Program is to provide students the skills like Language arts – Reading, Language Arts – Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies with instructional support that will enable them to participate fully in their educational experience in our schools and in their social lives in our community. This program will also prepare students for the CompTIA A+ Essentials certification exam. It is designed to help students become an entry-level IT professional. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the following tasks on personal computer hardware and operating systems:

  • Identify PC components
  • Configure of PC network connections
  • Provide IT support for portable computers
  • Monitor and manage Windows operating systems
  • Diagnose basic hardware problems by using a troubleshooting methodology
  • Install and upgrade Windows operating systems
  • Complete preventative maintenance tasks

What will I learn?

  • Recognize their own verbal mistakes and correct them.
  • Brainstorm, draft, and outline ideas for essays and other forms of academic writing
  • Revise the organization of written work to increase unity, coherence and emphasis
  • Give a standard oral presentation which informs and/or persuades the audience.
  • Understand and discuss ideas delivered in academic lectures and social conversations
  • Develop and ask questions appropriate to a given listening context
  • Understand and respond appropriately to the speech of multiple speakers
  • Describe various troubleshooting methodologies
  • Use basic Windows interface tools
  • Examine power supplies and connectors while following procedures for working safely with Electrical components
  • Identify various motherboards and CPUs
  • Configure the PC’s BIOS and boot the computer
  • Examine the settings for buses
  • Identify various types of expansion cards
  • Attach peripheral devices
  • Connect video output and image input devices
  • Install and configure a local printer
  • Identify various network connection types
  • Configure a TCP/IP client
  • Provide IT support for portable computers

Job Opportunities:

Students who successfully complete a CompTIA A+ Certification Prep course will be able to secure jobs as IT specialists who can create, manage and troubleshoot computer systems and networks. He may apply for work locally or he may pursue jobs internationally by taking additional training if needed.

On average, A+-certified IT pros earn over $55,000 per year; according to the 2013 IT Skills and Salary Report by CompTIA authorized partner Global Knowledge. Labor estimates predict some technology fields will experience growth of over 20 percent by the year 2020. A chart showing the average pay scale for the computer repair technician salary is below.



Students must be familiar with using a personal computer, mouse, and keyboard. They must be comfortable in a Windows environment, and have the ability to launch and close activities and navigate to information stored on the computer. They must have an ability to manage files and folders.

A day in CompTIA A+ Certified technician’s life:

A CompTIA A+ Certified technician works for a company that provides computer repair services to clients. You will be working as a field technician who travels to the job site to diagnose and fix the problems. A usual day for a CompTIA A+ Certified technician will be:

  • Report to office
  • First thing is to pick up a call list from the clients.
  • The first task might be a non-functioning DVD or CD drive. You, as the technician, will diagnose the problem and replace the part needed for the computer.
  • The next stop is a grandpa, who has a laptop that has been freezing a lot lately. Most probably it has adware or virus installed on it. You will run a scan program on his laptop and let the program remove any unwanted ads and viruses. Rebooting the computer should end the job there.
  • It’s probably lunch time!! Stop at your favorite eatery to grab some welcome food after those three successful jobs.
  • Next call is a doctor’s office. A blank screen fills one of their computers in the reception area. You get into the BIOS setup to check and make sure all the settings are proper and you find out the booting sequences has been changed from USB port instead of HDD. You switch the sequence and BOOM; it is back to normal operation.
  • A working women having problems with her desktop is the last job of the day. The computer is running windows vista operating system and she wants you to upgrade the system to Windows 7. You check the hardware compatibility with new software and all the tests goes flawless. You begin the installation of new OS and it’s done. That was quick!!
  • Time to head home!!

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