Technothon is a new and innovative way for you to raise money – and to provide a great service for your clients, members and supporters.

Co-sponsor a Technothon Fundraiser with the Ideal Institute of Technology


What is Technothon?

  • Technothon Fundraiser is a Unique and one of a kind fundraiser concept by Ideal Institute of Technology.
  • We will Provide Tech Services for donation in benefit to your organization and Our student’s work-study Program.

Services Offered

Free Diagnosis : Cell phone, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Gaming Device and more…
Repair : On the spot repair services for Small Donation
Donate : we will accept unused, damaged smartphones, computers, laptop or other devices


How this will work?

  • During this event, your clients, members and supporters – and anyone else who chooses to attend – will be able to receive a free-of-charge diagnosis for any broken/non-working cell phones, computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, game consoles and other electronic devices.
  • If the device can be repaired, the work will be completed on the spot for a nominal donation plus the cost of any necessary new parts.

Who does all the work?

Faculty members and students from the Ideal Institute for Technology (IITNJ) will provide:

  • All the technical assistance and services.
  • And they will also provide any replacement parts that are needed to make the repairs.

Website Analysis and Development Services

In addition, attendees at the Technothon Fundraiser will also be able to get

  • on-site help creating or updating websites,
  • reserving domain names, and other types of technical assistance
  • Website analysis

Each such service will require a nominal donation plus any associated charges.


What is Ideal Institute of Technology ?

IITNJ is a not for profit 501(c)(3) career school that is licensed by the State of New Jersey and based in Absecon, NJ.

What Next?

co-sponsor a Technothon Fundraiser

Your organization will only have to do three things :

  • Host the event or arrange for some other location to do so;
  • Tell all your organization’s clients, members and supporters about the event;
  • Participate in any pre-event publicity events that ITT schedules.