Telecommunication Specialist


Ideal Institute of Technology’s Telecommunication training program is designed for students who are seeking career in telecommunication field. Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, also known as telecom technicians, students taking this course will learn how to set up and maintain devices or equipment that carry communications signals, connect to telephone lines, and access the Internet. This 585 hour program includes 345 hours of essentials and 240 hours of hands on training.

What will I learn?

In our training course our students will master the basics of electronic and electro-mechanical technology, telecommunications technology (Telephony) coupled with the specific job skills and experience needed for the installation, repair and maintenance of telecommunications systems and commercial/residential cabling systems, surveillance systems, including electronic telephone systems, KSU, PBX’s, electronic security alarm systems and data cabling systems, Local Area Network (LAN) technology, WiFi and MiFi, repair and maintenance, PC Computer upgrades, repair and maintenance, and Fiber Optics. Second part of the program covers basic troubleshooting off desktop, laptops and workstations. The course reviews the typical problems found in computer operating systems and hardware. Students learn step-by-step troubleshooting skills, starting with basic problems and then advancing to more difficult issues. They learn how to maintain operating systems and repair issues pertaining to Internet browsers, wireless networks and more.

Job Opportunities:

With growing industry of communication there are many opportunities for telecommunication specialist. As every company has telephonic system for the different departments to communicate with each other many companies require dedicated technician to help support the system. According to pay scale salaries average out to around $58K annually and spread from $34K to $84K per year.

Telecommunication Specialist


All candidates must be at least eighteen (16) years of age before enrolling. High school diploma is required to enroll in course, students who don’t have their high school diploma can first register for our HSEAP (former GED) program and then can start their Office Equipment Repair course. Students are required to successfully complete the course in order to receive certificate of completion from the school.

A day in Telecommunication technician’s life:

  • You will be required to work on telephonic system of the company.
  • You will also manage, supervise and provide technical advice on telecommunications systems
  • Document plans, requests, activities and specifications and report on them
  • Program features, design networks and systems and allocate resources as necessary
  • Monitor and test systems and peripheral equipment and troubleshoot problems
  • Evaluate systems performance level and improve capabilities as needed
  • Oversee and coordinate telecommunications activities
  • Purchase electronic equipment and prepare budgetary justifications
  • Cooperate with management to develop staff and improve their skills
  • Follow industry’s standards and best practices

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